Monday, November 12, 2007

We're All Going To Die

Exciting news, as the caldera floor of the Yellowstone supervolcano is rising at 3 times the fastest rate that had ever been measured before.

As an inhabitant of that mythical 'Western half of the United States', a.k.a. all that stuff between Chicago and California, I am very excited to wake up one morning and find "inches to feet of volcanic ash" covering my front yard.

If nothing else, it would relieve me of having to complete the 'four year project', otherwise known as turning my front yard into something other than a pile of mulch.


Elissa said...

Aw, but the "mulch" looks so pretty.

itsme84066 said...

Think what that ash would do as far as adding nutrients, lol
You will have the really good mulch!